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I'm a Stockholm based photographer with 9+ years’ experience specializing in brand building and communication within the fashion industry.

My top skills are:

- Photography and Retouch

- Creative Direction and Art Direction

- Brand Building and Communication Strategies

- Graphic Design and Typography

What I do:

- Photo shoots (fashion, portrait, product)

- Brand and communication platforms and strategies

- Marketing, campaign and social media strategies and plans

- Graphic profiles and logotypes

- Print design (e.g. magazines, lookbooks, folders, hangtags, posters)

- Digital and UX design (e.g. websites, social media content, newsletters)

Some of the brands I've worked with:

- Sandqvist Bags and Items

- Hasselblad

- Volvo

- Adidas

- Jean Paul Gaultier

- Absolut

- Alice Fine

Sarah Lönn

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